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Welcome!! We're so glad you stopped by. Whether you're here to learn more about vocal lessons, or to find our books or music, please stop by and visit our Adoption Blog tab to read about our experiences adopting children from the foster care system and Internationally. Together, Norman and I have 12 children, including five who are grown and out of the house (two adopted from foster care and three biological) and including the three boys we just brought home from Bulgaria.

Norman and I love family, love children, and love the spirit of adoption!  After all, WE ourselves are adopted and God says we are made joint heirs with Jesus Christ--that's pretty amazing.   Our passion is to see the world reconciled to God through the Lord Jesus Christ, and to see those who bear the name Christian truly walk on this earth the way that Jesus did--in humility, faith, power, and holiness--exalting God the Father above all else!

My husband and I live with the passion of helping "the least of these"--especially children who are orphaned around the world and in our own country. Aside from adopting, we are working hard to advocate for the millions of children still unspoken for--especially those who have special needs making them "unadoptable" in their own countries.  We believe strongly that it is the responsibility of the Church to care for these little ones.  God has been gracious to us in adopting us into his family, and what less could we do than to adopt children who need a loving family, with parents who will love them and accept them as they are.


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Another passion of our hearts is sincere and intimate worship with God. We have both been leading worship for over 16 years. My husband is an amazing musician and songwriter, and people just fall in love with his melodies and chord progressions. But the most important part of the songs is that they come from a sincere heart of adoration of God our Father and our Savior, Jesus. You can find our CDs on the "Music" tab, and right now 100% of the profits of our music will go toward the adoption of our two boys.  You can visit our music tab on this site, or go to www.TheGreatReversal.net  to hear some of our songs

Our Adoption Story, Pre-Bulgarian Adoptions

Video of Our Visits with our New Boys

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